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I capture unnoticed moments and visualize the intangible part. I believe in the power of visual representation and the tension behind the still frames could be told through emotions.


2013.9 - 2017.6

2019.9 - 2021.6

2020.11 - 2021.9

2021.2.9 - 2.28

2021.12.16 - 12.19

2022.9.22 - 12.31

2023.1.5 - 3.31

Bachelor of Arts (in Architectural Studies)

The University of Hong Kong

Master of Architecture

The University of Hong Kong


HKU Faculty of Architecture

“In the Light of Matter” Exhibition

collaborated with HKU Faculty of Architecture photographer team

PMQ, Hong Kong

Publication -> Photobook 23:59 ESCAPE

4th :BOOKED Art Book Fair

Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

"Pan, Orbit, Rotate" Exhibition on screen daily

Supported by NYC Big Screen Plaza,

New York City, US


JI XIANG is an architectural designer and a freelance photographer currently based in Hong Kong. He started his photography journey in 2018 and gradually developed an interest in street photography, especially at night. Intense colors and neon reflections caught his attention on rainy nights. He seeks temporary tranquility within this fast-paced city through expressing moods with colors, lights, compositions. He hopes that people could someday stop for a second to appreciate the beauty around them. His recent works also include aerial photography addressing the ultra-high urban density in Hong Kong.

Past commissioned experience includes architecture model archival documentation, exhibition moment documentation, public forum and studio review documentation, architecture photography, drone photography, portrait shot, etc.

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