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SEA Artbook Fair 2023 in Shanghai!

I’m pleased to share I will present at 1st SEA artbook fair @seaartbookfair during 18-22 May in Shanghai next week!! Come and pay a visit at Booth B17 while enjoy other exciting art exhibitions and workshops! Organised by @samepaper@jiazazhi.

荣幸参与5月18日-21日在上海参加首届SEA艺术书展,欢迎来B17展位翻阅购买!书展由假杂志和Same Paper联合发起,与此同时还有诸多摄影展和工作坊在现场举办。

SEA artbook fair is a joint initiative of @jiazazhi and @samepaper . The SEA artbook fair is based on photography and graphic art books, but also covers contemporary art, comics, illustration, recordings, or cross-disciplinary, multi-media publications, with the main direction being a diverse and rich artbook publishing category. 首届SEA artbook fair即将于5月18日—5月21日在金地威新·8号桥举办。假杂志和Same Paper这两个多年来持续以摄影媒介作为主要关注的机构,于今年联合发起首届SEA artbook fair。书展基于摄影和图像艺术书,亦涵盖当代艺术、漫画、插画、多媒介等的出版物,以多元、丰富的艺术书出版门类作为主要方向。

New photo book Bamboo City will be available for the first time at SEA art book fair.



Under densely built urban context where space between towers is limited, visual expressions of architecture compose matrix of information. Any form of visual discontinuation bumps out from the “concrete jungle”. Whether it’s a building under demolition, renovation, or vacant lot waiting to be developed, bamboo scaffolding plays a key role in shaping the cityscape. Because of its flexibility and efficiency in erecting and dismantling, the temporal nature of bamboo scaffolding reflects the urban pace in parallel. With pure geometric form and homogeneous colour, such fleeting landscape dilutes the complexity of Hong Kong’s visual representation. The presence of subject is addressed through its absence. Similarly, the absence of vanishing neon signs in Hong Kong painted a pessimistic backdrop towards the unstoppable trend of change. As an evolving project, this book intends to take on the role of capturing the city’s transformation with bamboo scaffolding as representative. Curtains up, curtains down, the dancing fabrics captivates the unspeakable minds drifting underneath the vague layers.


Previous photobook about night city fantasy 23:59 ESCAPE (2021) will also be available to everyone again!

23:59 ESCAPE 亦将与大家再度见面!

The book compiles of contemplation moments at night in the densely-built urban environment. Intense colors and reflections in the city compose a symphony projected to the city when it's dark. Wandering through streets and compositing the scene became a way of escape from the city life while being part of it. Most of the works are shot after working hours when the city life begins to settle down. Tranquility could be rediscovered even when you are not in the nature, where shimmering lights from the fainted dark background sets up the stage for wanderlust.

23:59ESCAPE presented at 4th :BOOKED Hongkong in 2021 |23:59ESCAPE于2021年香港大馆艺术书展

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