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JI Xiang is an architectural designer, freelance photographer, and videographer based in Hong Kong. From experimenting with photography techniques to documenting the built structure in urban settings, his works tie back to his educational background and decade-long living experience in Hong Kong.


Recent works focus on city transformation through documenting bamboo scaffoldings around Hong Kong. He endeavors to capture the life-long journey of building from birth to maintenance, to death, which heavily relied on bamboo scaffoldings. The city's image is constantly changing with such precise "surgery". Within a longer timespan, this project continues in the future and grows, as the city was, and will be, shifting its appearance.


Photo book making is one of his tools to organize and complete a themed project. He sees this type of printed media as a way of curated "mini-exhibition".

紀翔,居港逾十年的建築師和攝影師,作品多關注城市發展與變化和個體經驗的聯繫,在客觀記錄與抽象情感表達之間,在微觀和宏觀之間以建築思維觀察世界。 近期以攝影書為媒介探索影像實體化呈現中再創作的可能性。

23:59 Escape (2021)


This series examines the most commonly applied construction practice in Hong Kong, capturing its fleeting presence in the highly congested built environment. The intervention brings the signal of change underneath the dancing curtains and bamboo skeletons. Originated from nature and with thousands of years of history, this traditional construction technique continues shaping the city with its flexible and sustainable structure. The binding form of this photobook echoes presence of bamboo scaffoldings in Hong Kong, which is temporary and adaptable. This series of scaffolding images of Hong Kong expects to expand and adjust in the future, witnessing the city’s transformation in the future.


Bamboo City (2023) 


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